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Oct 02, 2018
EDIT: After launching, I am noticing a lot of other idea aggregators out there. How can Ideagrid differ from the others?

Obligatory first post. Hopefully Ideagrid can use itself to generate ideas and a general direction!

Main goals are to create a community of people with serious ideas and need some help with things like design or marketing that are necessary to launch successfully. A Community of builders helping each other! Thanks for looking!

Craig edit ability could be handy
Craig true..
cpk Done!
lucyfer this site sucks :(
craig.ers Thanks for that lucyfer. Care to expand on that??
Sagar I can redesign this website in sketch. For Free. Let me know if you are interested! No, I don't even want credits. :)
craig.ers Sagar, that would be great!! Thanks.